What Is A Bail Bond?

These are answers to some of the most often asked questions about bail bonds.

Who is Lipstick Bail Bonds?

Lipstick BB is an independent woman owned business run by twin sisters Lisa and Teresa Golt. We are retired LAPD officers and we use our experience with law enforcement to help our clients. Our Bail bondsman are trained to look out for our clients best interest and answer any questions they may have. Lipstick Bail Bonds is a licensed, Bonded and insured Bail Bond company that you can trust.

What is a bail bond?

A Bail Bond is a paid release from custody with a promise to return for your court date. The bail amount is determined by a judge according to a set bail amount for each crime. When you show up to court your bail is refunded in the full amount.

What if I Can’t afford bail?

If you cannot post the full amount of bail you can hire a bail bondsman who will front the full amount. They typically charge between 8%-10% of the total amount due depending on the crime and risk. Most bail bond companies offer payment plans.

How Does a bail bond work?

You post your bail amount and are free to go until your court date. When you show up for your court date it will be refunded to you. If you do not appear on the correct time and date your bail is forfeited to the court. You are now a fugitive with a warrant issued for your arrest.

How Does a bail bondsman work?

A Bail bondsman is your gateway to freedom for a fraction of the actual bail amount. Bondsman typically charge between 8%-10% depending on the charges and risk. Most offer payment plans with no interest. When you hire a bail bondsman they will go to the jail, post your bond and you are free to go. If you do not show up for your court date the entire amount of the bond is forfeited to the court. You are now a fugitive with a warrant issued for your arrest. The bail bondsman has the right to capture you to recover the bail amount posted and turn you into local law enforcement.

What information do I need to get a bail bond?

  • Full name of the person being held
  • Date Of Birth
  • The Location of the jail
  • Booking Number
  • The charges you are being held on
  • Total amount of the bond needed

How Much is a bail bond?

Bail bond amounts are determined by the crime committed. If you have multiple charges pending bail amounts are added for each charge. The judge has a list of crimes that determine the cost of bail to be issued.

What are my options to pay a bail bond?

You have three options


  1. Pay the entire amount to the court.
  2. Hire a bail bondsman which  is typically 10% of the bail amount a judge has posted,
  3. Post land or equity with the court.

What happens if I miss my court date?

If you miss your court date the entire amount of your bail bond is forfeited to the court. You are now categorized as a fugitive and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Can A Bail Bondsman Come for me if I miss My court Date?

Yes. Bail bondsman are licensed to and have the right to capture you at any location and turn you over to local authorities in order to recover the bail bond they posted on your behalf. This saves the state and local law enforcement time, money and risk.

What does it mean to pay a bail bond?

You will be given a bail hearing to determine the amount due for your bond. You can choose to post the full amount with your own money. Hire a bail bondsman and pay a low percentage of your total bond which is nonrefundable or negotiate with the court and post land or property as bail. A Bail bond is your promise to appear for your court hearing.

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