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Nobody likes what fails; at Lipstick Bail Bonds Anaheim, we give you bail bonds that really work. We’re good like that! We know you want out of jail, so we don’t hold back.


  • Bail bonds specially created to get you bail regardless of the crime
  • Bail Bonds drafted In  language that you can understand
  • Easy payment plans for bail bond customized for your situation
  • Fast, simple and smooth bail bond process

Looking for “Bail bonds near me”? Then Lipstick Bail Bonds Anaheim is a call away. Call us now, and we will satisfy your needs.



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I love the girls at Lipstick Bail Bonds. They are always so energetic and eager to help. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. When you need to bail a freind or family member out of jail give the girls at Lipstick a call. You won't be disappointed.

Kevin Chamberlain Avatar Kevin Chamberlain

Lipstick Bail Bonds is the best bail bond company in Anaheim. If your at an Angels game and the cops pick you up they are not very nice. I had never had a bail bond before. Lipstick Bail bonds got me out and home in no time. The experience with them was great and simple. Anaheim PD not so much.

Penn Mann Avatar Penn Mann

Thank you Lipstick bail bonds for your professional and fast service. If it wasn't for Lisa and Teresa I'd still have a loved one in Jail and have went thought a much harder struggle to release my loved one. Thank you for helping with our DUI

luke Wokinshi Avatar luke Wokinshi


So you want bail bonds in Anaheim that are primed to get you, or a loved one out of jail? Our bondsman are reliable and our bail is affordable. Contact us at 720 S. Euclid St Anaheim Ca. 92802 for instant response, 24/7 bail bonds service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Bail Bonds In Anaheim That Work


Looking for a reliable bail bondsman in Anaheim? Lipstick Bail Bonds is the magic wand to make prison disappear. No, it’s not wishful thinking; our trustworthy bail bondsmen have developed an enviable reputation in Anaheim over the years for helping people get bail quickly and easily. Magic!

Why Choose Lipstick for Anaheim Bail Bonds?

  • All our bail bondsmen are certified, licensed and experienced in all forms of crime
  • You will be dealing with an insured, bonded and licensed bail bonds company
  • We are knowledgeable in the court and bail procedures obtainable in Anaheim
  • We care for our clients
  • When we are needed, we are available. We will not leave you stranded

Some think it is because we have the most experienced bonds agents around, no matter the reason we are humble about it. Where will you or your loved one rather be? Behind bars or your home? We know the answer, and here is what you must do:

Call for bail bonds in Anaheim 714-772-1055 or visit our office to leverage the sheer power of the best bail bondsmen in Anaheim.

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