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Getting a bail bond in Boise ID. may seem like a stressful situation at first. We understand that this may be the first time you are working with a bail bondsman. You just received a call and have a friend or loved one that has been arrested by the ADA County Sheriff. Let us assure you; Lipstick Bail Bonds can help. Our team has experience in all types of crime. We can help with alcohol, drug possession, firearms arrest
Don’t be intimidated by the system or let a family member sit in jail. We can quickly gain their freedom and get all of your lives back to normal. We will walk you through the process to obtain a bail bond for release from the ADA County Sheriffs Dept. and make sure you understand the process. Our bail bondsman work hard for your freedom and make sure to keep you on point after you are bailed out to prevent further problems with the sheriff or the court system.


Listen, not only will our bail bondsman in Billings help you get bail and secure your release from jail, but we will also help you cover the bail payments with an easy payment plan, provide indemnity options and also ensure you are not unduly locked up.

  • Legitimate bail bondsman- has state approvals, license, and certifications.
  • Reputable- trusted within Billings area and beyond.
  • Easy to pay and affordable bail bonds service.
  • Expertise- highly knowledgeable in all types of crime, and including court, jail and police processes.
  • Experience- at your disposal are lessons learned from years of handling various forms of criminal cases and bail processes.
  • Customer satisfaction- fast, readily available 24/7, friendly, patient and easy to work with bail bondsman.
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Bail Bonds That Work


There are a variety of reasons people may get arrested in Boise. We can get a bail bond for you. If you get arrested for alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, assault, firearms chargers, burglary, grand theft, or a litany of all of these and more call us now. Most times, it may feel unfair. We get that. We also understand your rights. There are different amounts of bail set for different crimes. We work with all crime and any set amount. Lipstick Bail Bonds offers easy payment plans for a bail bond with 0% interest. We work with each of our clients independently to help the best we can to accommodate their financial position. We offer affordable bail bonds that you can trust.

Here are some basic things to understand about getting a bail bond. Getting a bail bond is your right. It does not require an attorney. A bail bond gets you out of jail right away so you can get back to work, your family, and get started on your legal defense. Once you are out of jail, you will be required to return to court on the date for your hearing. To get a bail bond you can pay the entire amount set by the court which is typically more than most people can afford, or you can call a bail bondsman for a small fraction of that amount which may range from 8-10% of the total due. The bail bondsman will post the full amount for you, and the judge will set a court date to hear your case. If you do not show up for court, the entirety of your bail is due, and a warrant will be put out for your arrest. We will do everything in our power to assure this does not happen to you. We want your case resolved in your favor and future problems to be nonexistent!

If you need help locating someone that has been arrested in Ada County visit the Ada County Sheriffs Dept. Site. Follow this link Ada County Sheriff. put the first and or the last name of the arrested party. This is where you can find their case number, charges, and bail amount. This will help with getting a bail bond and helping you get them home.
AdaCounty Jail is located at

Ada County Jail
7210 Barrister Drive
Boise, ID. 83704

You can schedule to connect with an inmate HERE

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