San Francisco’s booking process provide information about the person who is brought to jail, consider it as arrest record. Suspects who are capable of immediate bail aren’t released until this booking process is done. Every suspect regardless of situation is taken to jail for the booking process. There are a lot of things involve, here is a complete jail booking process in San Francisco.

Jail booking process in San Francisco

It can take few hours to complete, but it may take longer depend on how many procedures are conducted. The process can take longer because of number of arrestees and number of officers who are involve in process. Here are some standard procedures followed in San Francisco.

  • Paper work is extremely important so when the process continues, information such as name, security number, Residence, DOB, medical information, etc. is requested.
  • Photos of the person are taken to fill the documentation. This step is important because it helps protect against any mistaken identity, especially in those cases where name of individuals is same. There are more than one photos taken for various purpose such as tags, identification, cell tag, and for files.
  • Property is cataloged for the safe keeping because prisoners aren’t allowed to carry money, phone, or wallet in jail. All the personal items are taken and put in plastic bags. To make sure all items are counted, prisoners are request to sign on a paper with list of items once items are sealed.
  • One of the most important step is fingerprints, it helps identify the prisoner. It is taken so that it can be compared with the evidence at the scene of crime, it is entered into federal database. Information of defendant is checked from the nation databased to verify whether he or she already had any arrest history or warrant issued on name.
  • This is important to make sure that the prisoner isn’t carrying anything suspicious in prison. One of the standard procedure is strip search, which can be little bit embarrassing. If strip search is required then it is usually carried out by the same sex jail officers. It is performed on people who are going to be in prison for some time.
  • There are many steps, among them health screening is one of the important to make sure the prison staff and other prisoners are safe. Usually, blood is tested, along with x-ray, and some general medical procedures are done before joining the prisoners.
  • If the person is going to be in prison, then he or she is shower and then dressed before placing with the prisoners. If defendant has taken some sort of drugs, or intoxicated, then he or she is kept in a separate area under careful observation.

The process varies because sometimes there isn’t clear information available so it takes time. If the person provide clear information, keeps cool with decent attitude then it can be done within hours.