Choosing a bail bond agency in Orange County, CA

Orange County in the US state of California is the third largest county in the state and sixth largest in the country as per the population estimates of 2010 census. It has a population of 3,010,232 with the number increasing all the time. With increased population, there has been an upward trend of crimes in Orange County. According to the latest available data, there were 7,429 cases of violent crimes in Orange county which means the crime rate per 1000 persons was around 2.5. When it comes to property crimes, there were about 32,000 reported cases which takes the per 1000 persons property crime rate to 10.8.

The above numbers suggest that there is a great demand for bail bonds and bail agencies in Orange county from people looking to get themselves out of jail or those trying to help their friends or loved ones in getting a bail. Trying to find a trustworthy and reliable bail bond agency can be a massive headache especially when you or your family is dealing with the difficult situation of having a loved one behind bars.  If you are going through such a situation and are on the lookout for an experienced bailbonds agency in Orange County look not further then you are in the right place. will assist you with the entire process of releasing your loved one and kissing jail goodbye. We will hold your hand from start to finish and help you with your concerns regarding bail costs, the type of bail bond that suits your case and any other question regarding the whole process.

Lipstick Bail Bonds has been in the bail bonds business since 2003 covering a wide range of bail bond services and giving top notch and timely services to all its patrons. Under the leadership of Teresa and Lisa Golt, a team of sisters with experience of working in the LAPD for over 10 years, our team is known to give the best bail bonds service in Orange County. Lipstick Bail Bonds is a licensed bail agency and it is also one the most successful in the state of California in this business.


We do not just help with the booking and release process but also provide value-added services which most other bail bond agencies are not providing in Orange County. Our value added services include:

  • Monitoring and assistance with client’s cases
  • Reminders of court dates
  • Notices of bench warrants

Not just this but we can also provide tailor made services and help you with anything else that you might need assistance with while dealing with the booking and release matters. We deal with every client keeping in view the specific situation and determine a strategy based on our vast experience that helps achieve the best results and timely solution for our clients.

So, If you are looking for the best possible option to aquire a bail bond for the realease of your family or friends from jail in Orange County, look no further then Lipstick Bail Bonds.